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This Memorial 


was Created 


To Honor the Memory


of our beloved

Soldier, Our Hero, 

Our Son, Our

Brother, Our Uncle, 

Douglas Barber.




because of 


Post Traumatic 

Stress Disorder.



Doug was born in Ohio on 

October 03, 

1970 and left this world 

on January 16, 2006 

at the age of 35.


My Hero, you will forever be 


 and in our hearts forever.

Douglas is the beloved 

son of Martha Moore:

 Cincinnati, Ohio & the late

 Douglas L. Barber.
Doug was the dear brother 


; Indiana &

Anthony  (Barber) Prince who 


in an accident in 1979. 

He was the proud Grandson of 

the late 

Hobby & Betty Brown, 

Fred & Helen Barber 

all from Cincinnati, Ohio.

The "Proud" Uncle of Kiley 


Indiana and former husband of 

Robin Barber; 

Cincinnati, Ohio.

He was re-united with his beloved 

Grandmother Betty Brown on 

Jan. 28, 

2006 at Arlington Memorial Gardens 

Mausoleum in Cincinnati, Ohio with 

Military Honors.

Doug graduated from basic training of the Army in 1990 and went into the National Guards thereafter. He had served for 12 yrs in various states with the Guards. In Feb, 2003 he signed up for a tour of duty to Irag with the 1485th Transporation Unit out of Dover, Ohio. 

Doug at Ft. Lee, VA 2003
From there his unit deployed to Fort Lee, Va for further training and awaited orders to Irag when they left for overseas  April 25, 2003. 

Doug at Ft. Lee, VA Before leaving for Iraq in 2003

Doug at Ft. Lee, Va (Guarding the Pepsi Machine! haha) 2003
He served there until Jan. 04 when he was discharged with an "Honorable" discharged from the United States Army and was very proud to of served.

His specialty was being a truck driver and mechanic both civilian life and in the Army. Doug got his CDL in 1998 when he was making a career of being over the road truck driver. Prior to this in 1988 he had join the job corps studying to be a mechanic and got his GED. 

He took great pride being in his professions wanting to serve his country and he did them very well.  

Doug 4 years old, 1974

Every since he was a little boy his dreams was to be a soldier, trucker and writter. He made his dreams come true by going after what he wanted for hisself not letting anyone get in his way. 

Doug with Santa, 1973
I can remember how he used to play with his army trucks and 18-wheelers all the time.

Doug in 1976

My little soldier grew up being a big soldier and never faulter to the fact that he couldn't make it. Doug had lots of confidence in doing the very best he could and he showed that when he finally joined the Army in 1989. 
Threw his years many struggles he had but he made way to make  the very best out of them. 

Doug enjoyed Writting which was a way to express hisself in ways that even today has surprise me. He wrote different poems and stories to allow his freedom to be understood in ways that went on in his life. I have a letter he wrote to me when he went off to join the job corps in 1989; this one part he wrote to me will always remain in my heart:

Miles may separate two people
But love keeps them together
Hardships hurt us
But hardships make us learn

This is so very true to this day even thro he is gone he is watching down on me.
I have this now in a picture frame on my dresser which I will forever cherish. 

Doug enjoyed playing little league baseball but eventually grew out of that and went on to be on a bowling team when he was 10. I still can see him throwing the big bowl with a little body down the lane. He would make me laugh so many times with his candid little personality. In high school he played football for awhile but hurt his foot when he had to give it up. He was in the boy scouts and loved it. Swimming was his favorite pass times and learned to swim when he was 7 yrs old. 

He had a strong faith in God and was dedicated to him in every way possible. Of his conviction in God he believed in doing what he would of wanted Doug to do. At times, like everyone else Doug took a different road for different reasons but his path always lead him back to his beliefs. In his journels he wrote he talked about how very much his love for God was and tried to live the right way. Doug's strength in many ways came from his inner belief of God. He did call hisself Preacher man because he really believed in God. 

At the end of his tragic death I knew that God didn't want him to suffer in pain anymore and came down to get him; maybe not the natural way but in his own way. Doug is now resting in peace with God and I take comfort knowing he is now home where he needed to be.

Of the Irag War & PTSD Doug spoke up in serveral interviews on these two important topics.  He wanted his voice heard about what he thought, his struggles with the government in obtaining  his benefits, to ensure the fair treatment from the  VA in getting and maintaining the sufficent services to him and other veterans. 

Doug in Iraq With His FAVORITE DRINK, Dr. Pepper!



On Jan. 16, 2010 it will be 4 yrs since my little soldier left this world and he is dearly missed each and everyday.

On May 15, 2009 the VA, & Military Support Group of Cincinnati, Ohio had a Medical Mobile Unit made for our veterans. This unit goes out to them to help our veterans for their physical, emotional & dental needs and to get process threw the VA system easilier.

My son Spec. Douglas A. Barber was Honered with a Picture Plaque which hangs in the Mental Heath room of the unit. I was so ever Thankful and honored these fine people did to remember my son and hope that all our veterans will beneifit from this unit; most importantly to help save our veterans from the tragic end my son took that unforseen day a Mother could ever image happen.

Let us not forget what each our men and women stand for in our Military. They have made the ultimate sacriface for our freedom and right to say "Thank You".

On the 4th anniversary of my son's death please take a moment out and say a pray for him, our hero's that lost their life and to our troops still serving.

To My Darling Son; May you rest in peace in God's loving arms & you are now safe from harm.

I Love You



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Tributes and Condolences
Douglas Barber   / Judi Ridel (None)
Please know that I am thinking of you as the day comes closer for Doug's anninversary of death.  Mei God Bless you and him.
Hard times   / Ellen O. (I care )
It is a hard, dark valley to walk through with the loss of a child.  Though they be men to others, they are our children always.  It is not something that can be explained with words, only the same knowing of the pain.  I do not think ...  Continue >>
Time  / Jan Nelson (None)
They say time heals all wounds mental as well as surgical.  Well, we all know it's true to a degree but when we lose a loved one they stay in our hearts and minds forever.  I didn't know Doug but I knew his mom and I'm sure this is what she...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Doug's 3rd anniversary Jan. 16, 2009  

It will soon be 3 years that my precious son left this world. As I prepare to remember him more on this date I ask that everyone please say a prayer in his memory.

His service and dedication to our county will never be forgotten by those whom continue to remember him.

In May,2009  a "Mobile Unit" will be dedicated in his honor & memory to help our veterans in and around Cincinnati. I am so proud of the people involved in making this possible for my son's struggle with PTSD might help another veteran in saving his life.

My son was and is continue to be loved and respected by the many veterans of our country, organizations that help them, our troops still serving and their families for Doug spoke out prior  to his death about PTSD and the many struggles a veteran faces once home from a War zone.

In Memory of My Son Spec. Douglas A. Barber

He Thanks each of you for keeping his Memory alive.


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