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Doug's 3rd anniversary Jan. 16, 2009  

It will soon be 3 years that my precious son left this world. As I prepare to remember him more on this date I ask that everyone please say a prayer in his memory.

His service and dedication to our county will never be forgotten by those whom continue to remember him.

In May,2009  a "Mobile Unit" will be dedicated in his honor & memory to help our veterans in and around Cincinnati. I am so proud of the people involved in making this possible for my son's struggle with PTSD might help another veteran in saving his life.

My son was and is continue to be loved and respected by the many veterans of our country, organizations that help them, our troops still serving and their families for Doug spoke out prior  to his death about PTSD and the many struggles a veteran faces once home from a War zone.

In Memory of My Son Spec. Douglas A. Barber

He Thanks each of you for keeping his Memory alive.


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