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Douglas Barber  / Judi Ridel (None)  Read >>
Douglas Barber  / Judi Ridel (None)
Please know that I am thinking of you as the day comes closer for Doug's anninversary of death.  Mei God Bless you and him. Close
Hard times  / Ellen O. (I care )  Read >>
Hard times  / Ellen O. (I care )
It is a hard, dark valley to walk through with the loss of a child.  Though they be men to others, they are our children always.  It is not something that can be explained with words, only the same knowing of the pain.  I do not think it gets better, just different.  Close
Time / Jan Nelson (None)  Read >>
Time / Jan Nelson (None)

They say time heals all wounds mental as well as surgical.  Well, we all know it's true to a degree but when we lose a loved one they stay in our hearts and minds forever.  I didn't know Doug but I knew his mom and I'm sure this is what she feels and always will.  There is an empty place in her life that will never be replaced.My condolences.

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